Yes Solihull Reiki is amazing- Jackie Breen really puts you at your ease with her gentle manner.
N Solihull

Another vote for Jackie Breen from Solihull Reiki, I have been going to her for years she is so lovely and I have found Reiki amazing for lots of things :)
K Olton

Jackie Breen was my Reiki Master, she is wonderful ❤ xx
J Solihull

Jackie is thoroughly professional and makes me feel completely at ease. She takes the time to really listen to how you feel and what you need from the session. I always leave feeling thoroughly relaxed and more positive.

N. Solihull

I always come away from Solihull Reiki practice feeling energised. I appreciate Jackie’s dedication to ensuring every session is a wonderful experience. Thank you Jackie.

S. Water Orton

Jackie is fantastic at what she does, in my first appointment she made me feel so welcome and really cared about my well-being by taking her time. The Reiki is fantastic and I have definitely felt the benefits. I would recommend the service.

D. Sheldon

It’s always a pleasure having a Reiki treatment from Jackie, it’s lovely and relaxing and so helpful talking things through with such a sympathetic listener.

J. Solihull

I have one word for you and Reiki and that is “life changing”.

H.  Birmingham

Solihull Reiki provides a wonderful service, and I have found the Reiki sessions very helpful. Jackie always pays great attention to detail, and the overall experience is very relaxing, as the Reiki is delivered in a calm, soothing manner.

A. Solihull

I have had great benefit from Reiki treatments from Jackie. She is so sympathetic and understanding and so easy to talk to.

My condition is incurable but Reiki makes it so much easier to cope with. The feeling of warmth, relaxation and peace that Jackie imparts is blissful.

I would recommend Jackie to anyone suffering from chronic pain and needing relaxation to cope.

B, Solihull

I decided to give Reiki a try in order to gain better work/life balance and to help me to relax. It helped that I knew Jackie from her having tutored my son.

I’ve found the whole Reiki experience wonderful and am finding I am more relaxed away from work. It has also helped me to manage the demands of my job more effectively.

Another huge bonus is that Jackie is a great listener and is helping me to spot the changes Reiki is providing in my life.

I generally have far more energy and have experienced improved clarity of thought. I’ve also found myself addressing difficult situations that I may have previously swept under the carpet.
All in all a fantastic experience!

R, Knowle

I have suffered from Meniere’s Disease for a number of years. Over the past 12 months the severity of the attacks has eased and my quality of life is so much better and I feel that this has partly been helped the treatment and care that I have received from Jackie.

The treatment has a holistic approach in that it treats both the body and the mind, leaving you feeling more relaxed and physically rejuvenated by the end of the session.

Jackie is both professional in her approach and caring and from the minute you arrive to when you leave, Jackie is 100% focused on you.

G, Solihull

I recently visited Jackie Breen at Solihull Reiki and I would like to tell you about it. Jackie is very professional and positive in everything she approaches, so therefore she has given much thought to her Reiki room and the sessions she delivers. Jackie is very knowledgeable in this holistic treatment and her attention to detail makes the treatment special.

I loved her choice of music, the candles, the ambience was perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and found it wonderfully relaxing. I slept really well that evening and will be attending sessions with Jackie on a regular basis.

S, Water Orton

Jackie is a warm, friendly person who always makes her clients feel at ease, while maintaining a professional approach to her work. I have found that Reiki sessions with her have been very relaxing and have relieved any tensions and worries which may have occurred in my life. If you are feeling tense, you may find a session of Reiki with her will bring a definite calmness back into your life and allow you to cope better with any situations or anxieties which you are experiencing.

P, Solihull

I have had 2 Reiki sessions with Jackie and I cannot praise her highly enough. It is a very relaxing and welcoming environment and Jackie puts you at ease immediately. The treatment itself is wonderful and on both occasions, whilst feeling incredibly relaxed afterwards, I have also felt energized and revitalised. If you are at all sceptical about going, I would say that as long as you go with an open mind you will definitely benefit from it.

R, Shirley

I have been receiving Reiki treatment from Jackie for the last few weeks and I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Jackie is most welcoming and puts me at ease. Her treatment room is warm, comfortable and relaxing.

Her desire to help and heal and her care and concern are most genuine. She listens carefully and discusses my health needs and concerns in a calm, capable and confident manner. She is both professional in the delivery of her treatment and totally committed to the healing that can be gained from it.

Since receiving treatment I have felt more relaxed and more able to cope with what is going on around me in my life. I have had more energy and stamina and my friends have actually said that I look younger!

I honestly believe that I have benefitted from receiving the treatment and as a non-invasive, alternative therapy I would recommend it to anyone.’

L, Olton

Jackie has given me Reiki on several occasions, which have undoubtedly benefitted me. My daughter has also benefitted from her ‘magic hands’. She is someone who has an easy empathy with people and makes sincere connections.

K, Solihull