Reiki for children

Reiki is extremely beneficial for children of all ages, from babies up to teenagers.

Reiki is a holistic therapy which works with body, mind and spirit. Children generally are like little Reiki sponges, extremely receptive to soaking up the balancing energies. Any blockages can slow down and affect the flow of the Reiki energy and young children generally have less emotional blocks than adults.

Reiki for children

Benefits of Reiki for children and teenagers

  • It enhances relaxation and sleep and helps to maintain calm and balance
  • It promotes creativity as well as improve the ability to focus and concentrate
  • Helps them to find ways to deal with stress
  • Can help deal with emotional issues
  • Improves concentration
  • Calms and promotes balance
  • Enhances self awareness and self esteem
  • Helps with asthma, allergies and other physical issues.

All Reiki treatments for children up to the age of 16 are conducted with a parent / carer present at all times. Depending on the age of the child, I may suggest that I visit them in their home environment, where they will be more at ease. Before beginning the treatment, I will take the time to get to know the child and put them at their ease with me.Of course, my many years as a teacher are very valuable here. I explain to them, in an age appropriate way, what I am going to do to help them and how they may feel. Children generally love receiving Reiki and can’t wait until the next session!