About Jackie


Although my background is in primary teaching, I now devote my time to being a Reiki therapist. When I was a home tutor, I would often (with the permission of the parent and child) give Reiki to a child if I felt it would help them. They loved receiving it!

I work from home and have a comfortable and relaxing treatment room. Reiki sessions are available both daytime and evenings, Monday to Saturday.

I came to Reiki as a treatment for psoriasis, from which I had been suffering for some time. I knew that it was stress related (as so many conditions are) and that I needed a holistic treatment. Having seen how much it helped me and how powerful and effective it is as a healing therapy, I decided to become a Reiki practitioner. I am now a Reiki Master, trained in Usui Reiki and a member of the Reiki Federation. I am also trained to give Reiki to animals, as well as being a qualified practitioner in EFT. (Emotional Freedom Therapy)

Everyone who knows me know how passionate I am about Reiki. I have literally seen it turn lives around, and I am still in constant awe of the miracles that can happen. There is a saying, ‘Reiki comes to you when you are ready for it’, and this was certainly the case for me. I now cannot imagine earning my living in any other way.


  • Reiki Level 1
  • Reiki Level 2
  • Reiki, Master Practitioner
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Reiki Animal practitioner
  • EFT Practitioner
Jackie Breen of Solihull Reiki